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Plasma Fibroblast Treatment

Collagen and Elastin are part of your skin.  They are thick and springy and are what adds resistant to the effects of gravity on the skin.  By the time you are 30, fibroblast cells in your skin that produce collagen and elastin fall asleep, go dormant and stop producing them.  For women after menopause collagen and elastin levels decrease even more.  Levels also decrease with other factors such as smoking, sugar, and UV rays (sun).  All of these factors that contribute to the decrease in collagen and elastin lead to wrinkles and sagging in our skin.


Our bodies break down collagen at about 1-2% per year.  So for the rest of our life the skin is thinning out.  In most cases by age 80, the skin is completely see-through because the dermis is gone.  In our late 30’s or early 40’s is when we start to notice that our skin just doesn’t look the same.  And by this time, it has been going on for a decade or more. You just don’t notice in the beginning because when you’ve only lost a few percent it is hard to detect.


Why Plasma Fibroblast Treatment?


It is important and totally possible to poke and awaken your fibroblasts which will stimulate them to produce collagen and elastin fibers with Plasma Fibroblast Treatment.  The main purpose of this treatment is to increase the production of collagen by reducing or eliminating the lines of expression and improving the elasticity of the skin to give a fresh, younger look.


What does Plasma Fibroblast Treatment Do?


Fibroblasts are the main cells present in the skin, both in the epidermis but especially in the dermis, which is the deeper layer of the skin.  They make up over 70% of the dermal cells and are responsible for producing collagen and elastin in the dermis, as well as other things.


When we are young fibroblasts make a lot of collagen but as adults, starting around 30 years old, the fibroblast cells lose steam and get worn down.  To compound the issue, the enzymes that break down collagen and elastin become overactive because of excess sun exposure and damage from years earlier.  Fibroblasts remain dormant unless they are activated by a wound healing process or an inflammatory response.  They can be stimulated to awaken and work, if the skin is injured by trauma of any kind, examples include blunt force, a cut, a tear or by heat.  The skin rejuvenation process begins with the manipulation of these cells activities.

Plasma Fibroblast Treatment creates a very precise and controlled plasma arc, heat-induced trauma that stimulates and awakens your fibroblast cells.  The body recognizes the skin has been compromised by the heat trauma, and the skin rejuvenation processes start  to happen. Shortly after the trauma occurs, inflammation starts and blood flow to the area increases as the body begins to send repair tools there which then activate and stimulate the fibroblast cells to lay down new collagen cells.  These fibroblast cells leave behind new collagen and elastin cells as they spread inwards towards the trauma.  For weeks and months after the trauma, the fibroblast cells will continue to produce new collagen-healing.  They also initiate the process of “collagen alignment” and “cross-linking” – this is a critical part of the journey to reducing fine lines and wrinkles.


How does Plasma Fibroblast Treatment Work?


Matter occurs in four states: solids, liquids, gases, and PLASMA. Plasma is electrified gas and most matter in the universe is plasma, examples include the sun, fluorescent lights, the Northern Lights.


Plasma fibroblast treatment is performed with a device referred to as a Plasma Pen which produces plasma energy.  The plasma energy is directed as tiny electrical arc flashes along the skin’s surface and wrinkle lines in a strategic pattern.  The tip of the device never touches the skin but is held above the skin as the tiny, electrical arc flashes connect the tip of the device to the surface of the dermis.


As the plasma arc flash comes into contact with the skin, the old, damaged collagen is removed by sublimation (evaporation), and fibroblasts are stimulated to produce new collagen.  The plasma arc flash leaves tiny brown marks on the skin’s surface, referred to as carbon crusts.  These carbon crusts are tragically placed to attain a desired result.  The targeted skin contracts and is essentially eliminated without any cutting, which results in the tightening and shrinking of the targeted skin.  The evaporated, old collagen is seen as tiny brown scabs on the treated area.  These brown scabs or carbon/protective crusts on the surface will fall off on their own in approximately 3-7 days revealing a pink layer of healthy, new skin.

Some clients will notice some swelling and tenderness for about 3-5 days post treatment, particularly around sensitive areas like the eyelids.  After that period, most clients will notice that the majority of any swelling has gone down, but the deepest layers of the skin will still be healing for up to 8 weeks while collagen and elastin fibers are replenishing!

As with most cosmetic procedures, a strict aftercare routine is required to promote proper healing and to help you achieve maximum results. 

Multiple factors affect the aging process. Each person and treated areas are different and to be determined individually. Our goal is to keep the client informed and meet realistic expectations. As with most cosmetic treatments, a consultation with an experience, trained practitioner prior to service is required. A face-to-face, 30-45 minute consultation will be arranged and careful assessment by your practitioner will ensure a customized treatment plan for you.
Plasma fibroblast treatment is more than a simple skin tightening treatment, affects last as long as they would with invasive surgery. Like all surgical and cosmetic procedures, the results of plasma fibroblast are not entirely permanent as it does not stop any further aging. The positive effects of the treatment will be noticeable immediately after the first treatment, and will continue to improve over the following weeks and should last for many years.


Additionally, abstaining from negative lifestyle factors like smoking, alcohol consumption, and prolong son exposure will help to maintain results as well.


The number of treatments of fibroblast will very according to the area being treated, skin laxity, the desire to create a correction, in the individuals response to the treatment. Most clients see results instantly and effects continue to improve over the course of the following weeks. Further treatments can be carried out with even better results, although it is uncommon to require more than three treatments. Treatments are spaced about eight weeks apart. Experience the results you’re looking for with the only cosmetic treatment that uses plasma to eliminate excess skin and with results to keep improving after 12 months!   



•    Skin regeneration – sagging jawline
•    Eyelid lift/hooded eyes-saggy neck/neck lines      
•    Under eye bags/dark circles 
•    Crows feet – scars/acne scars
•    Forehead/frown lines – body skin tightening (knees, hands, tummy, elbows, elbows)
•    Lips – smokers lines/flip-fullness
•    Smile lines/folds
•    Marionette lines/folds
•    Sun damage
•    Melasma (brown patches on face)


•    Anti-aging – minimal side effects and downtime
•    None surgical – quick and easy
•    Minimally invasive – extremely cost-effective
•    No injections Dash immediate visible results
•    No sedation – natural           



•    Pregnant or breast-feeding                                                      
•    Chemotherapy
•    Eczema or dermatitis – in the area being treated
•    Hemophilia
•    Uncontrolled blood pressure
•    Defibrillator
•    Pacemaker 
•    Uncontrolled diabetes
•    Blood thinners
•    Keloid scarring
•    Skin Cancer
•    Accutane with in the last year
•    Vitiligo
•    Prone to hyper pigmentation   
•    Active cold sore or cold or flu
•    Suntan/sunburn 

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