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The Scalp Shine Skin Procedure does not only help give an instant tint and glow, it also helps rejuvenate the skin for an overall radiant complexion. For these reasons, it has taken the beauty and cosmetic industry by storm. With effective brightening appearance, skin glow effect and perfect color matching, it is no wonder that everyone wants to get their Scalpa Shine on. 

What is Scalpa Shine?


Our Scalpa Shine Serums are derived from ingredients that are beneficial for your skin. A layer of Scalpa Shine Serum is infused into the skin with the help of a Microneedle Pen using a Nano Needle to help give a natural-looking base with semi-permanent results lasting from several weeks up to several months after 2-3 sessions. Ideally and for the best and longest results 3 treatments are recommended.  With the minimal procedural time required and instant beauty results for clients, this semi-permanent makeup technique.  


Included are 3 treatments for the price of 1!  An exfoliating facial scrub, light peel, and then applying the beneificial serum infused with the tint are what you will recieve during this 1.5-2 hour relaxing treatment. Scalpa Shine Serums contain no titanium dioxide. 

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